Creative Business Transformation Lions

The Creative Business Transformation Lions celebrate the creativity that drives businesses forward – creative thinking that changes how businesses organise themselves, how people work and how customers engage with them.

This Lion recognises the ingenuity that leads to the creation of new products and services, and the reinvention of operations and customer experiences in companies of all sizes that drives transformative change.

What the jurors are looking for.

Entries should demonstrate how creative change has been achieved across core business functions and has delivered a positive impact and growth for business, staff or customers. Including, but not limited to, the creation of new products and services, the use of technology and business design, and the reinvention of operations and customer experiences in order to generate transformative change.

A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 30% strategy & process; 35% experience & implementation; 35% business results & impact.

The same piece of work can be entered up to four times in Creative Business Transformation. For Creative Business Transformation Lions the eligibility dates are 1 March 2019 - 30 April 2022.

CBT - What does winning work look like

Act for Food

The greatest challenge of the century is the ecological transition. But it won’t happen without a food transition. As the inventor of the hypermarket in France, Carrefour knew it had historically been part of the problem.


Michaels: A Business Transformation for the Makers

Michaels, America’s largest Arts and Crafts retailer, was facing headwinds from all angles. Despite its size, competitors Amazon and Walmart were claiming market share as well as the customer satisfaction war, and the declining sales results proved it. The solution from R/GA Austin? Revolutionise the business.

A new purpose, “For the Makers”, became the directive on how to behave as a business and a brand. Stores were redesigned, aisles reorganised and spaces created for Makers to try new products and host free classes.

Helping to turn side-hustles into main hustles by supporting Maker’s causes and businesses, and in the daunting face of the pandemic, the impressive growth transformation led to an unsolicited offer to buy the company.


Digital Toolbelt

For site managers, technology can’t be a major investment or risk and must fit seamlessly into their work lives. By creating “Digital Toolbelt,” a predictive and intuitive data-powered mobile app, United Rentals and VMLY&R Kansas City took worksite equipment management out of the analog dark ages and put unprecedented insight and control into the palm of their hands.

Predictive maintenance monitoring helped identify issues before progress slowed or it became a danger. If an issue was flagged, United Rentals could replace equipment on-site in just hours, saving the customer and the jobsite time and money.

In year one alone, Digital Toolbelt increased fleet efficiency across North American worksites and United Rentals saw a 66% increase in digital rental revenue in an industry that didn't previously leverage eCommerce. By inserting mobile ecommerce and management features into a previously analog industry, Digital Toolbelt turned analog renters into digital loyalists.


Resources for the Creative Business Transformation Lion

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