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The Media Lions celebrate the context of creativity.

The Award has been refreshed for 2022, to ensure it accurately reflects the current Media industry, and recognises the breadth of work that media agencies and specialists are engaging in.

The Media Lions are awarded to the most inspiring and innovative implementation of ideas – truly creative work with exceptional strategy, targeting and media execution.

What the jurors are looking for.

Entries will need to demonstrate an inspiring and innovative implementation of media ideas; work which is enhanced and amplified by a game-changing channel strategy.

A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 20% insight and idea, 30% media strategy and targeting; 30% media execution; 20% impact and results.

The same piece of work can be entered up to four times in Media. However, the same piece of work may only be entered once in ‘A. Media: Sectors’.

Media Lion

Boards of Change

When righteous anger over George Floyd’s murder brought millions out in the streets, a new medium was born. Plywood boards barricading storefronts—seen by many as symbols of anarchy—became canvases for underrepresented voices to express their cries for justice and change.

Boards of Change amplified those voices by turning dozens of plywood boards into voting booths, inspiring Black Americans to create systemic change, through the power of their vote at the 2020 U.S. Election.

The work also positioned the brand of The City of Chicago as a diverse, inclusive, resilient and creative place for both residents and visitors. Today, Boards of Change lives on at the DuSable Museum for African American History, as part of a historic moment for the Black community.


Invisible Petitions

When Turkey withdrew from the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention, which prevents women from domestic violence, women who suffered from domestic violence reached out to authorities with numerous handwritten petitions describing their suffering and pleading for help. Unfortunately, they were ignored over and over again.

We Will Stop Femicide and TBWA/Istanbul faced the challenge of bringing awareness to the forefront of national consciousness. Their answer was to make these petitions big. Really big. So big they couldn’t possibly be ignored. Turning A4-sized petitions into giant, building-sized outdoors made them visible not only to bypassers but also to national media and masses.

The “I don’t want to die” outdoor became Turkey’s most shared and cult visual image in recent years. Invisible Petitions sparked a social movement and a visual motto for the masses.


Cold Tracker

Soaring electricity prices in parts of Africa saw 3 out of 5 informal beer outlets turn their fridges off to avoid the higher running costs, making cold beer harder to find.

Cold Tracker made use of real-time data and geo-located media targeting to convince beer outlet owners to keep their beer cold and show consumers where to find it too. Digital outdoor sites showed cold fridge leaderboards listing and promoted the outlets by name; street address and current fridge temperatures.

Using advertising to showcase the found data, Promis Johannesburg enhanced the Castle Lite brand experience for its consumers, allowing them to find their beer cold when arriving at a given destination.


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