Pharma Lions

The Pharma Lions celebrate creative communications from pharmaceutical clients and services surrounding this highly-regulated industry. 

Work that brings science and innovation to life, facilitating diagnosis, prescription, disease mitigation or illness management for practitioners, patients and targeted consumers.

Pharma Lions champion the need for medicine and therapeutic care. Communications in this arena bear the responsibility of introducing new innovations, establishing standards of care and advocating for the industry within a context that is often emotionally charged and sometimes full of controversy. These communications must navigate debates about patient rights, policies and politics, society and humanity. Often delivered in healthcare settings, they require a significant level of appropriateness and respect for the people who treat or suffer from medical conditions. Some communications are delivered through a healthcare professional. Many are subject to regulatory review. All are created specifically for medical and therapeutic clients and services.

All work entered into Pharma Lions has been created specifically to shape understanding of medical conditions, drive their treatment and/or advocate for the development or provision of those treatments.

Industry institutions include pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, bioinnovations, medical devices, diagnostics, life sciences research, clinics, hospitals, healthcare systems, governments and advocacy organizations for human and veterinary health.
There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Pharma as long as the categories and mediums chosen are relevant.

For the purpose of Lions Health the following definitions apply:

Regulated - Work that is regulated regardless of mention of a specific branded product, service, therapy or company. For products or services which must adhere to strict regulatory compliance and compulsory fair balance copy. All entrants must provide regulatory requirements for your region in relation to your submission.

Non-regulated - Work that is not regulated regardless of mention of a specific branded product, service, therapy or company. For communications about disease or products and services that may not require regulatory review but are used to treat diagnosed medical conditions and/or support patient’s needs. May include supplementary or additional treatment options from industry institutions other than pharmaceuticals; such as devices, implants, instruments, apparatus and diagnostic tools.

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